Majestic Mexico & Copper Canyon

Its often said that the wealth of a country is to be found in its history and culture, in which case Mexico is truly blessed with an abundance of riches. Mexico has not only managed to perfectly blend its indigenous and Spanish cultures, but it has also developed its own unique identity. Although part of Latin America, Mexicos history is rather different while other nations shared the same liberators or insurgents and succeeded in gaining independence without suffering terrible losses, Mexico unfortunately lost a sixth of its inhabitants in the fight for liberty. Before the Spanish conquest, ancient Mexico was constantly fought over by different powerful cultures, the most advanced of which is collectively known as Mesoamerica. The mother culture was the mysterious Olmec civilisation, which greatly influenced later Mexican civilisations. Then came mighty Teotihuacán, whose city stretched as far south as modern-day El Salvador. Perhaps the most famous are the Mayans, who not only attained astonishing heights of architectural and artistic expression, but also excelled in the sciences. Next we have the military-minded Toltecs who inspired the Aztecs, well-known for being accomplished artists and architects. Our eye-opening tour takes you from the heart of cosmopolitan Mexico City to the rugged mountains of the northern states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa via one of the worlds great rail journeys, the El Chepe Express. Of course, we travel back in time to several UNESCO World Heritage sites to discover Mexicos ancient civilisations. Along the way, we are rewarded with some of the most spectacular sights, such as the breathtaking Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, the mesmerising rock formations of Creel, and Copper Canyon, Mexicos lesser-known but certainly no less impressive answer to the USAs Grand Canyon. Youll certainly treasure all these experiences for many years to come.