Southwest is bringing peanuts back — but you won’t find them on planes

When Southwest broke up with in-flight peanuts last summer, the airline stated that peanuts “forever will be part of Southwest’s history and DNA.”

The LUV carrier — alongside several other airlines — stopped serving America’s favorite sky snack out of deference to travelers with peanut allergies, opting instead for pretzels on short flights and a larger variety of packaged treats for longer-haul routes.

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A scant 16 months later, Southwest peanuts are back — but not on board, and not for free. Instead, Southwest is offering an entire slew of peanut-related merchandise through the airline’s online store. (Did you know the airline had a store? I did not.)The star of the peanut gallery is a limited edition, retro-inspired lunchbox for $29, which is currently on back order. The product description states that each box is double-sided with images of the original lightly salted and honey roasted peanut packaging, and contains two 10-ounce packages, one in each flavor.

But that’s not all: You could also snuggle up with a double-sided print pillow featuring both peanut flavors for $29; charge your mobile devices on a $19 2500 mAh power bank that’s “wrapped” in packaging to look like a pack of peanuts (or buy a pack of 10 for $190); or store your ID and change in a $9 zippered pouch. You can even burp your baby on a $9 peanut-shaped burp cloth, printed in a cheery shade of Southwest blue with red and yellow planes printed on it.

Now, the only question is: What are you waiting for? Go nuts!

Featured photo courtesy of the Southwest Store.