Fare Deal: Seattle To Singapore From $695, Premium Economy (For The Price Of Economy)

Exploring and eating your way through a world class city? Check. Getting to that city on a world class airline? Check. Paying less than coach for a cushy premium economy seat with extra legroom and amenities? Check again. You get the picture.

Flights to Singapore are on a fire sale from the Pacific Northwest. This fare works on several airlines including Alaska Airlines (for the US domestic segment), Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and American Airlines.

However, if you can, we’d recommend flying in premium economy on Cathay Pacific or even better, Japan Airlines, for impeccable service and amenities that might even trick you into thinking you’re in business class (minus the lie-flat bed of course).

The Deal

  • Where: Seattle to Singapore, with various routing options including through Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Tokyo
  • When: Select dates from September 2019 to May 2020
  • How Much: From $695 roundtrip
  • Why: An amazing fare for premium economy, and earn a decent haul of miles on programs like Alaska MileagePlan
  • How To Book: Search on Google Flights, SkyScanner or ITA Matrix (for Japan Airlines routings) then click through to book on an ITA or BookWithMatrix

Note: Adding a stopover in Tokyo or Hong Kong should theoretically be possible for an extra $100. You would have to use Google Flights’ “multi-city” function or ITA Matrix. Points To Be Made has a guide on how  ITA Matrix works. 

Sample On American & Cathay Pacific

Crediting Flights For Miles 

Use a tool like WhereToCredit to determine where you should put those well-earned butt-in-seat miles. Alaska MileagePlan may make a lot of sense or American AAdvantage.

Best Ways to Maximize Your Purchase

Besides the miles you would earn with the airline directly for actually flying, you can also earn points for spending on credit cards. These are some of the cards that offer bonuses for purchasing airfare.

H/T: nickohrn